Why Millennial Say No Problem?

Why boomers say you’re welcome and Millennials say no problem?

To them “ You ‘ re welcome ” is the standard polite response. “ You ‘ re welcome ” means to Millennials what “ no problem ” means to Baby Boomers, and vice versa. The two phrases have converse meanings to the different age sets.

When someone says no problem what does it mean?

You say ‘ no problem ‘ to let someone know that you do not mind them doing something they have said they are going to do. [informal, spoken]

What is the reply of No Problem?

From their perspective, saying “ no problem ” means that whatever they’re thanking someone for was in fact a problem, but the other person did it anyway as a personal favor. To them “You’re welcome” is the standard polite response.

Is it OK to say no problem?

Saying “ no problem ” lets the recipient know that everything is OK. The favor was not an inconvenience; you are not beholden to me; I didn’t mind doing it.

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Is saying no problem rude?

In other words, it can be a disingenuous phatic expression said reflexively. Other terms of politeness, including ” no problem,” are also commonly used in this way. The fact is “you’re welcome” and ” no problem ” aren’t all that different. They can be sincere replies or reflexive expressions of politeness.

Why is saying no problem bad?

A Case Against The Phrase ‘ No Problem ‘: 13.7: Cosmos And Culture Commentator Alva Noë says ” no problem ” is the wrong way to reply to an expression of thanks — for the simple reason that saying “thank you” isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a veiled way of making an apology.

What does no problem mean from a girl?

4. The phrase ” no problem ” is not at all disrespectful. The general meaning is “[helping you was] no problem “. Think of it as the person reassuring you that it was not an inconvenience to help you.

Is implying rude?

Implying someone is gay, straight or anywhere along the spectrum is flat-out rude.

What can I say instead of No worries?

other words for no worries

  • forget it.
  • it’s nothing.
  • my pleasure.
  • no problem.
  • not at all.
  • you are welcome.

What can I use instead of No Problem?

What is another word for no problem?

it’s all right it’s nothing
no problemo no probs
not at all no worries
that’s OK without problems
you’re welcome all good


Is no problem informal?

No problem is quite an informal way of saying ‘you’re welcome’. Another way this could be said is, in response to expression of regret, or gratitude when no thanks, or apology is necessary. Example 1: “Could you help me with this please?” “Sure, no problem ”

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Can I say no problem when someone says sorry?

No problem is more suitable in situations where someone says sorry to you. They made a mistake, which you didn’t like, and if they said sorry, you can say no problem. When someone is thanking you for something, you can say you’re welcome.

Can I say no worries to my boss?

Saying “ no worries ” or “ no problem” is casual, and best for people you know well. Try not to use this casual type of speech with people you don’t know, and especially not if you’re trying to appear professional on any level.

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