Readers ask: What Are Some Of The Ways Hotels Are Trying To Reach Millennial Travelers?

How are hotels attracting millennials?

Hotels should have a consistent and respectable digital footprint to attract millennials. They usually don’t expect hotels to have a perfect review score but they expect to come across genuine interaction. They appreciate hotels being friendly and engaging in two-way dialogue with guests.

What do millennials want in a hotel?

What Does All This Mean for Hoteliers? Ultimately, millennials desire authentic, personalized travel experiences that not only prioritize mobile technology and conveniences but also allow them to build their ‘dream trip’ around their personal tastes.

What are the key considerations for attracting millennial travelers?

The top reward categories amongst Millennials are; cash, freebies, upgrades, extra amenities and discounts. The important fact about Millennials and loyalty programs is that 75% will remain loyal to a hotel brand, even if they have lost all their reward points.

How can hospitality business attract Millennials?

Millennials expect loyalty programs to follow a transaction, or after their stay at your hotel. It makes them feel special. Acknowledging their engagement with your hotel and offering them loyalty programs would help you to attract them in future.

How Millennials affect the hospitality industry?

Millennials have not only changed the way we check into hotels, but have also influenced several other aspects of the hotel industry, such as through technology, amenity offerings, loyalty programs and more. One of the biggest influences millennials have had is on the idea of home sharing.

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Why is the millennial market important to hotels?

For millennials, the hotels themselves are less important than the experiences they get while staying in them. For this group—luxury equates to beautiful views, peaceful moments, and authentic cultural experiences. Their desire is less about escape and more about human connections and personal growth.

How many Millennials work in the hospitality industry?

As the largest demographic class in America’s workforce, which will become the dominant generation within five years, millennials already represent the largest single class in the hotel and lodging industry, representing 44 percent of the workforce.

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