Readers ask: Here’s What The Millennial Version Of ‘sex And The City’ Would Look Like?

Is Girls Just Sex in the City?

Tiny Furniture’s Lena Dunham says her upcoming HBO comedy Girls isn’t Sex and the City. The series — which she wrote, created, executive produces and stars in — revolves around a group of twentysomething women in New York and is loosely based on her own experience post-college struggles with work and relationships.

How realistic is Sex and the City?

Sex and the City was provocative for its time. It was among the first shows to offer a realistic portrayal of sex and dating in a big city. Still, the show was not without its problems. While most fans note that Carrie Bradshaw’s finances make no sense, other elements of the series are completely unrealistic, too.

Did Sex in the City copy girlfriends?

‘ Girlfriends ‘ was inspired by ‘Living Single’ While Sex and the City was a much-discussed show when Girlfriends debuted, the drama series and sitcom have very little else in common. In fact, Akil was inspired by another sitcom, Living Single.

Is Sex and the City still relevant?

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte proved that whether or not you have a significant other, your friends can become your family — men come and go, but you can always be “each other’s soulmates.” The show’s fashion and food references, as well as its brand of postfeminism, are still relevant in pop culture today.

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Is Carrie Bradshaw a narcissist?

SMITH: The fictional Carrie Bradshaw has a reputation for being a narcissist, and it’s that aspect of her personality that NPR’s Elizabeth Blair explores in today’s installment of our series In Character. ELIZABETH BLAIR: First a few basics about Carrie Bradshaw.

Are Carrie and Miranda best friends?

Those two have a super- close bond that makes them best friends. Definitely Miranda. Miranda was always more logical, while Carrie was more emotional, and I think that’s part of what drew them to one another.

Who is Carrie Bradshaw’s best friend?

Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson), often referred to as the show’s “Fifth Lady,” is Carrie’s best friend outside of the three women.

Did Carrie Bradshaw really smoke?

In the iconic hit HBO series Sex and the City, SJP’s infamous character, Carrie Bradshaw, was a chain smoker. This habit, reportedly, caused a huge conflict with some of her male counterparts on the show.

How much older is Samantha than Carrie?

Samantha’s age is never really mentioned at the start of the show, just that she ‘is older ‘ than the others. In the movie Samantha celebrates her 50th birthday. In real life there is 8 years difference between the two actresses.

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