Quick Answer: How Many Hours Does The Average Millennial Spend Online?

How much time do Millennials spend online?

Fractl and BuzzStream narrow down Millennial content consumption through the hours they spend engaged with online content per week, revealing: 20% spend 20+ hours. 12% spend 15-20 hours. 16% spend 10-15 hours.

How many hours do Millennials spend on social media?

The global survey of more than 66,000 internet users ages 24-37 conducted in Q3 2020 reveals that Millennials spent an average of 2:34 (hh:mm) each day entertaining themselves on social media. This is compared to the 2:25 that the average internet user spent with social platforms.

How many hours a day do Gen Z spend online?

Gen Z Engage With 10.6 Hours of Online Content a Day. According to research by Adobe into the UK’s content consumption habits, millennials spend an average of 8.5 hours a day reading, watching, creating and engaging with content on their devices.

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How many hours a day does Gen Z spend on social media?

Gen Z and Social Media Usage According to Global Web Index, Gen Zers spend an average of 2 hours 43 minutes a day on social media. Globally, YouTube takes the top spot in terms of usage, but Facebook isn’t far behind.

What do Millennials spend the most money on?

Millennials spend more on:

  • Convenience.
  • Online shopping.
  • Debt payments.
  • Food away from home.
  • Experiences and travel.
  • Streaming services.
  • Social impact.

How old are Millennials?

Gen Y: Gen Y, or Millennials, were born between 1981 and 1994/6. They are currently between 25 and 40 years old (72.1 million in the U.S.)

Which social media is growing fastest?

Growth in World’s Most Used Social Media Platforms

Platform ( All numbers in Millions) 2019 % Change
Facebook 2,271 +7.27%
YouTube 1,900 +5.00%
WhatsApp* 1,500 +6.25%
Facebook Messenger* 1,300


What is the most popular social media platform in 2020?

The 7 Top Social Media Sites You Need to Care About in 2020

  1. Instagram. Long the home of influencers, brands, bloggers, small business owners, friends and everyone in between, Instagram has topped well over 1 billion monthly users.
  2. YouTube.
  3. 3. Facebook.
  4. Twitter.
  5. TikTok.
  6. Pinterest.
  7. Snapchat.

How much time does the average teenager spend on their phone 2020?

Teens spend an average of seven hours and 22 minutes on their phones a day, and tweens — ages 8 to 12 — are not far behind, at four hours and 44 minutes daily, according to a new report by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that promotes safe technology and media for children.

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How many hours a day do Millennials Z spend on their phones?

Connected from the cradle. Generation Z and technology facts – 98% of Generation Z members own a smartphone. 55% of Generation Z use their smartphones for five or more hours daily. And more than a quarter (26%) are glued to their mobile devices for over 10 hours a day.

What do Generation Z do in their free time?

Watching TV, for example, is the leading spare – time activity for Millennials (31%), Gen Xers (38%) and Boomers (42%), while falling second only to reading among the Silent Generation. Reading, connecting with friends and family, and travel are also top-5 activities for those generations.

What does Gen Z use their phone for?

But before we get to those, there are three things the generations are equally likely to do on their phones every day: Over eight in ten Gen Zs and Millennials say they’re using their smartphones for messaging every day—and messaging is the top activity young consumers are using their phones for daily.

What is a healthy amount of time to spend on social media?

So how much social media is a healthy amount? Experts have recommended 30 minutes or less per day as the maximum time you should spend on social media. According to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, limiting use to 30 minutes a day can lead to better health outcomes.

What social media do Gen Z use 2021?

The striking short-form viral videos and images of Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok continue to climb in popularity with Gen Z. According to a Pew Research Center study, about 71% of 18- to 29-year-olds say they use Instagram, compared to 65% for Snapchat and about 48% who use TikTok.

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How much time does Gen Z spend on social media 2021?

Gen Z (16-22) spend just under 3 hours a day on social media. Millennials (23-36) spend around 2 and a half hours a day on social media.

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