Question: What Is The Millennial Term “totes” Mean?

What does totes mean in slang?

Totes (abbreviation) Short for “totally” and often used to agree with someone. Not to be confused with the verb “ tote,” which means to carry.

When did totes become slang?

The linguists point out that ” totes ” was on Urban Dictionary as early as 2003. Since then, totesing has shown up in Hollywood blockbusters, major newspapers have devoted time to decoding it, and expressions like “ totes presh” had to be included in a recent FBI guide to Twitter slang.

Where did the slang word totes come from?

Also spelled Totes McGoats or totes magoats, it ultimately comes from totally, which dates back to the 1980s and was shortened to totes by the 2000s. The McGotes shows nonsense rhyming and the Irish surname construction Mc (“son of”), often used to make silly names (e.g., Boaty McBoatface).

How Millennials are changing the English language?

So what changes are we seeing in the English language with the millennial generation? These include the now widespread use in English of terms like “woke” (meaning socially aware), “lit” (meaning fun) and “low key” (meaning subtle), all English words now given different meanings.

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What does LYMY mean?

LYMY means “Love You, Miss You (see also LUMU)”.

What does Emosh mean?

The word emosh is used in Slang meaning emotional.

What’s the meaning of DM me?

Definition: A direct message ( DM ) is a private form of communication between social media users that is only visible to the sender and recipient(s).

What does totes mean in texting?

The word totes is used in Texting, is a general term meaning totally,Full on.

Who is totes McGoats?

Niagara Falls wants millenials to get excited about recycling, so they created a brand new mascot: Totes McGoats, who made his debut Wednesday on the steps of City Hall. Totes is basically a guy in a blue shirt wearing a creepy goat head mask. “Niagara Falls needs a mascot for recycling.

How has slang affected the English language?

When people speak in the vernacular using slang, it broadens the English language by adding more words. Language isn’t static, and a language such as English is a collection and reinvention of the words of many other languages such as Latin and Greek, as well as the romance languages of Europe.

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