Question: What Does Spad Mean Referring To A Millennial Spad?

What does SPAD mean?

: a nail one or two inches long made of iron, brass, tin, or tinned iron with a hook or eye at the head and used to mark stations in underground surveying (as of mines)

What does SPAD school mean?

All too often it is the job of a special adviser, or spad, to stop that happening. The regular meetings of advisers, known for years as Spad School, became more sparsely attended.

Is SPAD a word?

No, spad is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does yonnie mean?

yonnie. noun a stone, especially one for throwing.

Is IOS Scrabble word?

IOS is a valid scrabble word.

What does SpAD stand for in politics?

A special adviser (SpAD) is a temporary civil servant who advises and assists UK government ministers. They differ from impartial civil servants in that they are political appointees.

Is yonnie a word?

noun. A pebble. ‘Get a yonnie and give it a little tap. ‘

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