How Many Times Can You Go To The Millennial Fair In Chrono Trigger?

How do you get the girl cat in Chrono Trigger?

First, there is a cat in the area to the left of Leene’s Bell. Talk to it once, then have it follow you to the area right of Leene’s Bell, and talk to the girl there to return her cat.

Can you be found not guilty in Chrono Trigger?

When you get to trial, the jury’s really got it in for you, too; you can be found not guilty, but you ‘re still going to end up with a guillotine date.

What do you do at the fair in Chrono Trigger?

You can explore the houses around Crono’s house in the village of Truce, head south to the village of Porre, or even take a boat ride between the two cities. You can also head alone or with Marle later through the forest to Guardia Castle although you won’t be able to go inside yet.

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Does Chrono die in Chrono Trigger?

Yes, Crono does really die but with help of the Chrono Trigger and a clone doll you can go back and save Crono right before he dies.

How many Chrono Trigger endings are there?

Chrono Trigger is something of a miracle. On top of everything else it does with near perfection, it finds the time to deliver drama, development, and jokes via more than 12 endings that take hours to seek out.

How many cats can you get in Chrono Trigger?

Accepted Answer. You can get up to a max of 11 cats (6 downstairs and 5 in Crono’s room). You will need around 60 ounces of cat food to get a new cat ( you can see how much you have in the barrel in Crono’s room).

Why is Chrono Trigger so popular?

like most JRPGs, its depth and charm increases as you become enfolded in the plot, characters, battle mechanics and music. There are a lot of fun cinematic moments, beautiful boss battles and philosophically reflective scenes. It is universally loved because it is a fantastic game all around.

Do choices matter in Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Trigger remains remarkably influential among JRPGs, even 25 years after its initial release. Not just purely cosmetic choices, such as opening a chest to free the chancellor after the battle with Yakra in the middle ages, but choices that can impact the plot and gameplay.

How do you get silver points in Chrono Trigger?

Silver Points are a special currency used at the Millennial Fair in 1000 AD. They are won in various mini-games at the fair and can be spent on special items and events. You can earn them from the drinking contest, ringing the bell, betting a race, and fighting Gato.

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How do you get cat food in Chrono Trigger?

Food for it can be obtained at the Millennial Fair by winning a mini-game in Norstein Bekkler’s Tent of Horrors after having won it the first time. As the cats eat the food, more cats appear — evidently their offspring.

What is the canon ending of Chrono Trigger?

There’s no ” canon ” ending. We know Magus is alive post- Chrono Trigger, but we have no information on whether the Epoch was destroyed and whether Lara was saved or not, even though both are mentioned in Chrono Cross.

Did Chrono and Marle die?

It’s impossible to say whether Crono and Marle died as a result of the invasion or how their lives would have been after the fall of Guardia had they survived. Lucca, Marle, and Crono are alluded to in Chrono Cross using the ghost children, but their appearance is shrouded in mystery.

What happened to Dalton Chrono Trigger?

He ended up on the Blackbird, where the GolemBoss was supposed to be. Since the party then accidentally shoots down the Blackbird while trying to maneuver the Epoch, it’s safe to say Dalton dies and fell in the ocean along with the airplane. So that’s his fate.

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