FAQ: How Many Events Does The Average Millennial Attend?

What events do Millennials attend?

Millennials enjoy interacting in a group. They are much more likely to attend an event if they can do so with friends. Events such as endurance races, concerts and festivals are all more enjoyable for Millennials when their friends are in attendance.

How many Millennials go to concerts?

That year, among millennials aged 25 to 39 years, 7.8 percent went to concerts and festivals roughly once a month, while 61 percent did so rarely.

Do Millennials like concerts?

After a decade of attending festivals, concerts, and shows, millenials have developed a passion for unique and immersive events. And they want to share that same passion with their kids.

How many people attend concerts in 2019?

In comparison, the figure for 2019 was 57.7 million, and have tended to be above 50 million since 2011.

How can the Millennials engage in events?

So speaking as a Millennial, here are my tips for engaging us at your next event:

  1. Embrace mobile-first. It’s true, us Millennials are glued to our phones.
  2. Encourage social media.
  3. Promote involvement & interaction.
  4. Incorporate the latest tech.
  5. Engage with games.
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How do you attract millennials to an event?

Here are 10 tips for building an event that will attract millennials.

  1. Maximize technology. Millennials use technology, and events that utilize technology are far more appealing to millennials.
  2. Give back.
  3. Offer drinks and food.
  4. Gamify.
  5. Reach them on social media.
  6. Sustainable.
  7. Affordable.
  8. Photo sharing.

Do Millennials go to music festivals?

According to Nielsen, about 32 million people attend at least one music festival in the U.S. every year, and about half are Millennials. In fact, Eventbrite research shows that 29% of Millennials have attended a music festival in the last 12 months, compared to only 17% in 2014.

How many Millennials attend festivals?

Soaking up the festival spirit, half (49%) of Generation Z (consumers aged 16-19) attended a music festival in the last year. They are joined by 43% of Millennials (aged 20-39), and 19% of Generation X (40-54-year-olds).

Who sold the most concert tickets ever?

Highest-grossing tours of all time

Rank Actual gross Artist
1 $776,200,000 Ed Sheeran
2 $736,421,584 U2
3 $584,200,000 Guns N’ Roses
4 $558,255,524 The Rolling Stones


How many people attend concerts yearly?

According to a new Nielsen report, 32 million people attend a music festival in the U.S. each year.

How many Americans attend concerts annually?

Nielsen Music released its 2018 Music 360 Report focusing on the live music business on November 15th. After polling some 3,100 Americans, their data showed that 52 percent of the U.S. population attends some sort of live music event each year.

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